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And the Review is In!

Okay, folks.

I mentioned previously how I was reading The Goldfinch but hadn’t yet finished, so I am fulfilling my word of my final review.

Like I said in the first review, I’m a little late to the game when it comes to this novel, and I definitely regret the fact that I waited for so long! I finished it in eight days. Not bad, right?! It involved lots of late nights and dedication, but it was well worth it.

I already mentioned how Donna Tartt has a beautiful writing style that makes you fall in love with the characters without realizing it. With her extreme details and excellent description of emotion (including depression, which I personally identified with), it takes you to a whole new level of empathizing with the characters. Let me add the fact that I teared up, okay, I cried, which is very rare for me to do with novels since I was an English major and am a tad critical with certain aspects.

It is no wonder this book won a Pulitzer Prize.

Have you read it yet?! What are your thoughts?!

Happy escaping into pages!

And for my next read? Rosemarked by Livia Blackburne

Magic on Fridays

I hope you all are having a fantastic Friday! Even though I still have my entire work day ahead of me. I get coffee from my favorite shop on Fridays, a little “go me! I made it though the week!” Reward. When I walked in, they asked me if I wanted a free cup of coffee! Uhhhh yeah! And now I can go to work with a happier attitude!

What is your Friday routine?!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Hello and welcome to Books and a Coffee Shop!

The title of the blog itself is two of my favorite things in the entire world. They are my relaxation, enjoyment, and escape.

So that’s what this website is going about. My love of books, coffee, and conversation. I usually try to read a book a week, so I’ll keep you updated. And if you have a book you love, I always take recommendations!

Thank you for visiting; see you soon!