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Reason for My Absence.

*Note: This is not making excuses, nor is it about books directly. This is going to be pretty raw and pretty personal. Negative comments are not welcome. Thank you ahead of time.

So if you have been following me on this blog, you have probably noticed a disappearance of book reviews from your fellow BaaCS blogger.

Let me tell you that this is a very humbling moment, and I’ve wanted to write about it since my absence, but I was afraid of the judgement I would receive. today, I finally have the guts to post. Well, I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m bipolar.

Since moving, I hadn’t gotten the change to visit the psychiatrist because of the high demand. When I was finally able to get an appointment, it was February. The doctor looked at my chart, analyzed my symptoms, and didn’t like the medications I was previously on. So she changed them. When you change your medication, everything changes. You’re moody, exhausted, lose interest in things you love, can’t eat, can’t sleep, etc. So far since February, I have been on trial with 3-4 different medications. Some worked and I’m still on, others didn’t and caused me more anxiety than I could ever imagine.

I was too exhausted to read, let alone write. So much so that my fiancé noticed and asked me about it. It broke my heart to notice such a change. I was so apathetic toward reading, even though my heart longed for my literary time.

To my followers, I apologize for my disappearance, and thank you so much for sticking with me. It’s always nice to talk to people about things you both enjoy. I’m going to begin where I left off, so you’re going to see a post on Circe within the next few days.

Happy reading, folks!

With love,