A Conspiracy of Stars

Hello, folks! Happy Monday… is that an oxymoron? πŸ™‚

So A Conspiracy of Stars is a… well, I’m not too sure what I would call this. I know it’s YA, but it’s kind of a dystopian, science fiction-y hybrid.

This is one of the novels I got from Uppercase, so it came with several goodies. I do enjoy Uppercase, since I receive books that I probably wouldn’t have picked up. Again, this is not a sponsored post; I just think it’s awesome!

This novel is about humans on another planet and everyone seems to be a scientist except like two people who are drivers. Now with science, things become corrupt and now Octavia, the main character, has to figure things out and try to fix everything. Octavia is different than her fellow humans – I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say that this difference is the reason she kind of knows the corruption.

Are you apprehensive to read this? I was. Was it good? It was okay. The thing that I didn’t like was how long it took for me to get back into the world, so reading the novel became laborious, since I was trying to jump back into this world. It was a very quick read, and I wish I hadn’t started and stopped so many times and just read it all in one sitting.Also, I’m almost positive that there is going to be a series which was a little disheartening, because that means this novel (not all novels that are series) didn’t have much closure. The ending was plotting their next move. I’m honestly not too sure if I’d read the sequel, well, never mind. I probably will since these non-ending endings bother me, and I’m too curious not to see how it ends.

I hope you guys have a fantastic Monday (once again, oxymoron?) and a great week! You’ll probably hear from me one more time than normal, since Valentine’s Day is Wednesday and I’ll be doing a special post! I will see you all on Wednesday! Oh, and if you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, have a happy Galentine’s Day tomorrow! 😁

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