Alexander Hamilton: Graphic Novel

“The ten dollar founding father without a father got a lot farther by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter…”

Any Hamilton fans?! One of my personal favorites – although my favorite character/historical figure isn’t Hamilton (yes, I know he’s done a lot great things! And he is great!); my favorite is Hercules Mulligan. When the story of Alexander Hamilton is told, Mulligan occasionally gets mentioned, but look him up! He was AWESOME! I could type an entire article about Mulligan, but the novel was about Hamilton.

Now, I don’t know where you are in your opinion of “is a graphic novel literature?” My vote is that it can be. There is a difference between a graphic novel and a comic book. One of the distinguishing features (remember, all of this is my opinion!) is colors; graphic novels are typically muted colors or even black and white. Comic books tend to have pretty bright colors. I wanted to point this out because I’ll probably be reading another graphic novel soon – seriously, if you have any suggestions, let me know!

After his musical came out, Alexander Hamilton has become all of the rage in historical figures, which is understandable since he created so. many. things. There have been many, many biographies about him lately, but when I saw that there was a graphic novel, I was so excited!

However, this novel was pretty confusing at times. The images of the characters aren’t very distinguishable; the author does way more telling than showing – what I mean by this is that the characters’ dialogue wasn’t necessary to read, and there were paragraphs of tiny text to fill you in on the history. The novel definitely should have been at least a hundred more pages – cramming an entire life into a graphic novel with less than 200 pages is insanity! So I guess my biggest complaint is that there weren’t enough pages… and I wouldn’t have minded more of Hamilton’s victories!

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