Good morning, folks! I hope you all are having a great week, and, guess what! It’s almost Friday! This week has most certainly been chugging along.

This review is very special to me in a way that the others are not: I was actually in communication with the poet! We talked about her poetry, of course, and I had mentioned that her collection was actually already in my cart on Amazon – guys. I felt pretty cool.

This collection, Inchor, was so meticulously done. Aladea put so much thought into every detail. She explains the title, cover, and herself. She cares greatly about her readers. I was taken aback when I was reading the introduction and conclusion.

The poetry itself is very modern. Stark and raw. But what I really like that Aladea does is that there is a vagueness that allows the reader to make his or her own connections. Of course, you also read the hurt she’s felt and if you haven’t felt the hurt she describes, you can definitely comprehend how someone in that position feels.

For those of you who never ever write in your books, please avert your eyes. This collection really allowed me to make connections. I honestly couldn’t stop thinking of each poem’s meaning, because they mean so many things! Being a visual person (definitely comes from years of reading), I had to make my own notes:

Like usual when I discuss poetry, I’m only posting a few pictures! You need to read this collection in order to make these poems your own, along with Aladea.

And I put this one on because it’s literature about coffee, and who can’t enjoy that?!


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