I Only Wanted the New Year to Start My Resolution

I wouldn’t say that this post has the longest title ever, because it’s not. But I wanted to convey my excitement for some of the books that will be released this year! Lately, while looking at publishing companies’ social media, they’ll post about a new book and I’d get all excited, only to find out I had to wait! This year, I decided I’m going to attempt to read 50 books! I know, it’s pretty lame that I haven’t ever hit it, but this is my year!

So the first book is Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills. It’s from December’s UpperCase Box, so that means it was signed and came with a whole bunch of goodies!

This book took me awhile to read because of the holidays, but I’m so glad I finished! This is a YA novel. Mills does a FANTASTIC job creating characters – seriously, I want them as my best friends. My two favorite characters are supporting ones, but the narrator is okay as well. I definitely chuckled once or twice while reading.

The story was set around a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Mills does an excellent job paralleling the play to the storyline with out it being overly obvious, and it benefitted the main character because of her knowledge, she’s able to help out and almost force herself (in a good way!) into everyone’s life.

I don’t know if it’s just because I, personally, am awkward, but some of the social aspects were awkward! Not like Michael Scott awkward, but slightly cringeworthy.

Take some time to look into the novel! It was great!

What was your first book of 2018? What’s your reading goals?!

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