Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

So, following up with the last post, I ended up just reading the novel on my Kindle. Oops!

This novel was Ruth Emmie Lang’s first. She did a fantastic job!

Not only did I enjoy the characters, but the format of the novel is so unique; I loved it! Though I have read several reviews not enjoying the characterization of Weylyn and feeling as though he wasn’t very personal, I agree, but I think it actually benefited the structure of the novel.

The entire novel is filled with 6 books and 4 interludes. Each book contains two narrators that switch back and forth between these characters; the books are of the past, and the interludes are breaks into what is happening in the present day. Weylyn, though the novel is about him, only narrates one chapter. The rest of the chapters and narrators and from people who have come in contact with Weylyn and how he changed the narrators’ perspective on life.

There is a tad of romance in the novel, but I would not ever characterize it as a romance novel. The romance is more like “oh I like her/him. I hope I get her/him some day.” That’s it. Bingo.

The focus of the novel is not even Weylyn, but the imprints that Weylyn leaves in these characters’ lives.

I can’t help but fall in love with the novel’s structure.

This novel is good if taken as a beach read, but it is even better of a novel if you dig into it. I am not saying it’s not enjoyable as a light read, but you get SO much more out of it if you dig in.

Until next time; now go lose yourself in some pages!

PS – here’s a great quote:

“I was guilty of agonizing now and then, of letting my uncertainty sabotage my changes at happiness. I mourned for things that hadn’t happened, things that never would.”

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