The Sun and Her Flowers

After so many novels, I thought I’d shake it up and read some poetry – I know, guys. I live a wild life. I had heard SO MANY good things about Rupi Kaur’s work that I picked up her most recent work.

Little side note: Most of the poems I have read are the “classics,” so modern poetry before I read this was Ezra Pound and E. E. Cummings, so these poems were a huge change as to what I have read prior.

Kaur’s poetry is stark, raw, intimate, and vulnerable. Absolutely beautiful. The collection is separated into five sections, wilt, fall, root, rise, and bloom, which she includes in this poem:

This is also the poem on the back of the book, so I’m really not giving too much away! Promise!

One of the poems I really connected with was “never feel guilty for starting again”. In the past few months, I walked away from teaching, for multiple reasons, and, of course, there were the friends and family that doubted my decision. They didn’t know what else I would be able to do with and English Education degree, and, to be honest, I didn’t either. But I knew I had to walk away.

There is a reason that Rupi Kaur’s work is bestselling; she gives her readers hope, comfort, and understanding of emotions the readers themselves are not aware of.

PS. I cried during one of these poems, too.

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