In the Process

I average about a book a week, but The Goldfinch is giving me a run for my money! I have read so many great reviews on it – yes, I’m aware that I’m late to the party with this book’s popularity, and I was going to put an excuse as to why, but I don’t have a solid reason! So now, I only have a few hundred pages left, but I can tell you that Tartt writes so fluidly that she builds characterization without you realizing it – now that’s my favorite kind of characterization!

I will be giving my review on this novel toward the end of this week. Remember, it’s a long book! But so far, I keep wanting to come back to it and I really can’t put it down. With the turn of each page, Theo’s life is/has/could drastically change.

Have you read The Goldfinch? What was your opinion?

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